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How do I install the halo rims of my headlights?
The positive wire of the halo rims have to be clamped to the positive wire of the vehicle connector. It's the same way with the negative wires. They have to be connected to the halo rims and the vehicle connector.

How to build a motor for the electric highness control?
Please remove the plastic lock (plastic part with incorporated threaded rod) with a 90 ° left turn. Loosen the ball out of the track and insert them into the track of the servo motor. Now you can lock the engine with a 90 ° right rotation again.

What can I do if a LED is broken?
As part of the warranty we replace the damaged product (but without physically damage). We will gladly send you spare parts. Contact us at or +49 717690291.

Once installing my headlights or taillights, where do I have to pay attention to?
Our headlights and taillights are produced in Plug and Play procedure, which means that all the original plugs and holders can be reused. Please always pay attention to the proper seating of the seal and the connector!

Is this the price for a set or a piece?
Our headlights, taillights and daytime running lights are always sold as a set.

How are the Year-understand information?
Our Year-understand Specifying are from year to year. Ex .: 2009-2014 i.e. from 01.01.2009 to 31.12.2013. Detaild year are zufinden information in the item description.

How long is the durability of LEDs?
LEDs have less power consumption, more efficiency and they are extremely durable.

What are the warranty terms?
We give you 24 months warranty german (only for Germany + certain parts ! Customers abroad, please get in touch with us before placing an order !) not a manufacture guarantee. If they are not physically damaged or modified, no warranty is given for parts which are built in privately.Should defective parts be returned for inspection, all shipping charges have to be covered by the buyer.

Do I need an inspection report for your articles?
All our products are equipped with E-mark, which is also affixed to the product so that you do not need additional inspections.

How can I pay with prepayment?

After ordering, you will receive an e-mail with the pro forma invoice, which includes the information about banc account and total amount to be transferred. Once receive the payment proof we deliver immediately the goods.

Is an invoice enclosed with the shipment?
Yes a legal invoice with delivery bill is always enclosed in the package.

What is CCFL helo rims?
cold cathode fluorescent lamps . CCFL Parking lights no daylightrunning

What means HID-look-lens?
The appearance of this headlights is like xenon headlights. This lens include a common halogen bulb.

Is SW-Tuning a manufacturer of lighting equipment?
No. SW-Tuning is only a dealer and not a manufacturer. We procure our goods from major suppliers / importers.

Is it a real daytime running light in the SW-Light/SW-Ltube headlight?

No. Our SW-Light/SW-Ltube/ headlights are equipped with daytime running lights look. This means that the parking lights are looking like a daytime running lights but does not correspond to the same function.

Product groups Overview (product group is no manufacturer)
Product groups functions
SW-DRL with real Daytime running lights
SW-DRLTube with real Daytime running lights and Lighttube light guide technology
SW-Light LED positionslight
SW-LTube LED positionslight Lighttube light guide technology
Angel Eye positions helo rims
SW-CCFL CCFL helo rims
SW-Celi LED positionslight light guide technology

Can I install xenon or LED into your headlights?
No. Our headlights are only suitable for standard halogen bulbs. The installation of xenon or LED would cause physical damage to the headlights. This leads to loss of warranty.

Do you have an installation service for your products?
Yes. If you have problems with the installation of the products please contact us per mail or telephone +49 717690291. Our support department is always happy to advise you. We can also help you to find an authorized service center. As a general rule: If you are not familiar with electrical systems, please get in touch with your local automotive installation center.

Is it possible to modify the daytime running light optic into a real daytime running light?
You can’t modify the headlights because the Led’s are especially developed for the daytime running light optic. If you connect the LED´s for example with a module with a too high voltage it could damage the Led’s and will void the warranty.

This does not mean tail lights / xenon headlights for series LED?
If the note in the description "NOT for vehicles with LED taillights series" is it means that is the tail lights not compatible with vehicles equipped with rear lights of LED series. The tail lights are designed for vehicles with regular incandescent bulbs and their matched Canbus systems and plugs etc. which differs from LED series vehicles. The same applies when there is "NOT for vehicles with Xenon headlights" also have this other light control devices and connectors etc and do not fit on bulb spotlight!

What is Bi-halogen?
Here, low and high beams behind a lens is used with a special flap systems, with a bulb. Same system as in Bi-xenon headlight systems.

What are the illumination of the headlights / taillights?
The headlights and taillights have an e-mark which meet the minimum requirements of light technical requirements public roads. Thus, the lighting is lighting or the legal situation met.

Do you have headlights for right hand drive models?
Yes for selected models. The item number ends on RHD. We dont shipping to UK!

What does ** in the article number mean?
This article is brand new in our program, so you have the chance to see an preview and to order it before we have it in stock


green available

yellow limited availible

red  unavailable

Is condensate on headlights / tail lights / turn signals a defect ??
. Due to the open, but splash-proof ventilation system, which is required for pressure equalization, it comes within the headlight / tail light / turn signal at different "climates" and subsequently to fog the lens. To enter into a headlight / tail lights / turn signals very warm, on the other side relatively cooler places on. the heating is effected by the output from the light source / resistors heat, the cooling especially at the lens by the relative wind. Because of the labyrinthine designed ventilation apertures, the expanding heated, dry air from the housing of the lamp displaced. After switching off the light source, the air cools in the headlight / tail lights / indicator slowly. As a result, the saturated with moisture, air is sucked from the outside to the inside of the housing. this circumstance may at high humidity and high temperature differences between housing inner and the area come to a condensation on the lens inside this especially in cold weather and wet weather. Condensation may occur, for example, after passing of washes, steam cleaning of the engine and the front of the vehicle, with changes in temperature overnight, and the like. Especially in the "post-heating" in which heated by the engine is warm or bodywork the back of the headlights / tail lights / turn signals, but at the same time the lens is cooled by cold outside air, already reflected slightest moisture in the air in the headlights / tail lights / turn signals internal to the lenses down. through the use of lenses with clear glass that can still be tinted too, this phenomenon is recognizable as on lenses with a structure. in a fog on the lens of the headlight / tail light / turn signal must photometric effective exit surface of the lens after about 20 minutes drive freely with the lights on his (true at Scheinwefer to at tail lights / blinkers not). the remaining surfaces of the lens can not and must then still be dew. the process of Scheinwerferbetauung physical reasons and influences the optical headlight function (light output) in any way. Also it can by no condensation corrosion in the headlights / tail lights / turn signals come. The phenomenon of condensation can form on each headlight / tail lights / turn signals, including those of competitors Respectively original products, occur because it is physically limited. An exchange of headlights / taillights / turn signal is thus not allowed because it is not a technical defect under warranty !!! This can be found in most vehicle electrical manuals for vehicles with clear glass lamps.

After mounting the LED daytime running lights flicker this, a defective the daytime running lights?
, if the LED daytime running lights flicker after assembly and with the engine running there is a connection error caused by the Canbus system of the vehicle. Please read carefully in each show annexed by reference letter.


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