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Increase in performance / chip tuning for different manufacturers
e.g. for VW, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Ford, Seat, Alfa and many more.

Here is a map-optimization which is carried out in our house. No boxes or the like because this is not a real chip tuning. We can also offer the service for registration of our performance improvement, as well as the services of a dynamometer with a power diagram you.

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What is chip tuning?

Chip tuning - now the umbrella term of an entire industry . Many companies call themselves now than chip tuning company , but have not much to do with the complex technology that is behind it . Each tuning boxes discount company claims to do the same. That this is not so , we would like to explain here .

Chip tuning has been known for many years for large performance gains at fair prices. Meanwhile, it is an umbrella term for performance tuning, engine tuning, OBD tuning , map or traffic control equipment optimization , diesel tuning or turbo tuning.
The term chip tuning comes from the 90s when then the engines were equipped with electronic engine management. The various parameters ( maps) by which the combustion process is to be controlled to store , so-called EPROM (simplified chip ) is used. The tuner then remained appropriate technology ready to unsolder and re-program the EPROM to . Hence the name chip tuner. The industry has developed in parallel with the automotive industry . So it is now no longer about eproms , but flash memory chips and processors with internal and external storage devices. Also, the current chip tuner still reads the data from , and changed the parameters after his experience. The expense of such a vote is significantly higher than that of a simple additional electronics . The main difference is that all motor parameters are adjusted directly to each other.

Tuning boxes are NOT Chip Tuning! In the conventional boxes ( especially in the lower price level) only the fuel pressure is affected . In this case, only a small electronics, not much more than a controlled resistance) in front of the fuel pressure sensor is clamped . The control unit itself gets the job to compensate for the error. As a side result arises , if at all - More power - but often (especially with boxes come in many different vehicles used ) occur , side effects such as stuttering , problems with the particulate filter , the occurrence of Notlaufprogrammen etc. In addition, the power and torque yield is usually much under the map of optimizations.
For this reason, we remain chip-tuning . We want the drivers of our customers do not unnecessarily burden , and give you the ultimate in durability and long-lasting driving pleasure.
And this is where our work begins :

As described above, the engine ECU software is optimized for chip tuning. So is implemented in an uncomplicated way in a short time more power, without going to the load limits of the engine. The tuning here uses the given tolerance by the manufacturer from further without exceeding it . These tolerances are originally intended to be country - and fuel -specific requirements and the engine and its performance levels to adapt to current market requirements. Thus, a motor can be raised several times even in its performance by the manufacturer having to construct a new engine every time.
It is however important :
" Tuning is not the same tuning"

As a reputable tuner, we develop each vehicle software using a test vehicle on a so-called dynamometer. The development of this depending on the vehicle takes several days and is of course very expensive. Unfortunately , therefore, come about even the large price differences in this industry, because many companies do not operate this effort. Only those who are thoroughly developed and many tests taking into account the error to customer vehicles may be reduced.
This new approach enables us to this accumulated experience building them in a span of just 2 to 4 hours completely convert the vehicle to our customers and to vote on all the given components.

Price differences in the market are enormous, but there are very large differences in technique and type of performance gains. New , safe technology and " know-how " have a price. Weekly repair our technicians control units , which were set by incorrect handling or even using the wrong software inoperable. We invest large sums every month in technology and development in order to offer our customers always suitable for everyday use and the corresponding state of the art performance upgrade for your vehicle can .
Why not from the manufacturer?

In the construction of an engine and the associated adjustment of the control unit of the manufacturer needs to many details . For the world market, various insurance classes , different fuel grades , as well as differences in vehicle maintenance must be observed. The vote must therefore be made very rough. Also, be considerate of other vehicle classes must especially be taken often in the group's own offer - motors are therefore throttled by the software to make the price gap to the next higher vehicle class credible.

New!CVN adjustment for all BMW, VAG and Porsche vehicles
Since short time a CVN code for all VAG models like Audi, Seat, Skoda and VW as well as BMW and Porsche is automatically recalculated for every software optimization equipped with the engine control units Bosch EDC17 and MED17.
The Alientech programming device tools we use calculate this automatically before each writing process.
CVN means "confirmation of calibration number", so the CVN code is the checksum of the calibration inside the engine control unit, i.e. like a fingerprint. This CVN code has always changed after installing the tuning software/optimization. This was not relevant until now. However, if this number no longer matches, the engine control unit will cause an error during service requests from the manufacturer or the technical test organization (which is usually carried out every 2 years) and thus engine optimization is visible.
By adjusting the CVN code it is possible whether the calibration of the tuning software corresponds to the original manufacturer software in the engine control unit.
From today the adjustment of the CVN code should no longer be a problem for a professional map optimization and is now included in every software optimization of SW-Tuning.
More vehicles will follow!

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